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    Instructional Design & Rapid e-Learning

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    Identify characteristics of good instructional design. Why are these important?

    What is rapid e-learning and why would an instructional designer ever use this method of creating training? Is this the same as accelerated learning?

    Please give substantive information and argument.

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    1. Identify characteristics of good instructional design. Why are these important?

    When designing any course training the following must be considered:

    ? The course must define the learner's characteristics by keeping a profile of the learners that have already been analyzed beforehand. It must contain information on the prerequisite skills that the learners possess and their level of knowledge. There is a need to profile the target audience to be able to decide on the topics and subjects to teach and the appropriate level of instruction. The motivational levels of students studying in basic education vary tremendously with learners from businesses establishments where the abilities, attitudes are the same. In designing instruction in organizational groups, instructional designers have to create subject matter that will be relevant to learners and make them feel confident and positive of the success of their learning efforts.
    ? The curriculum or the subject matter contains the content and the skills the learners need to know. The instructional designers plan on this and the instructors refer to it in their teaching. In business environment, the curriculum design considers the business needs and its relevance to the attainment of the organization's goals which are profitability or success in operations. Decisions regarding subject matter consider the actual skills and knowledge needed, the logical sequence of instruction, and the best venue that it can be taught. Aside from the curriculum instruction should be maximized at a higher level targeting a result that can make the participants solve problems by using ...

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