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    Problem Measurement Document: Lean Six Sigma

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    Submit a Problem Measurement Document which will demonstrate your ability to measure a problem situation using the Measure Phase of DMAIC.

    * Differentiate the various relevant aspects of the situation and define the problem at the Blackbelt level using various tools of the Measure Phase.
    * Organize the appropriate information into a coherent report.
    o Download and use the Measurement Report Outline provided.
    o Be sure to use Topic Headings that correspond to the major topics
    * The report should contain all the necessary and sufficient aspects to completely measure the problem.
    o Include copies of various Tools that were used
    o Provide Discussion and explanation where appropriate and necessary
    o Include sources of documentation
    o Include examples of reports used to generate evidence and data

    Measure phase of the project. Some of the questions that need to be answered in this phase are:

    * What are the key metrics for this business process?
    * Are metrics valid and reliable?
    * Do we have adequate data on this process?
    * How will I measure progress?
    * How will I measure ultimate success?


    1. Use the Process Flow Chart from the D Phase. Refine it and detail it as much as necessary.
    2. Determine the key output variable - what is the Target Output that is the Key indicator of the Problem?
    3. Determine what the input variables are that have effects on the output.
    4. How do you count these variables? (Measurement is counting!!) Can you use time, distance, quantity, etc?
    5. Develop a plan.
    1. What is the period of time that you need to collect the data?
    2. what are the sources of the data?
    3. who is going to get the data and record it?
    4. where and how will the data be recorded?
    5. are you going to do a pilot study first?
    6. Collect data according to the plan or do a pilot study
    7. Perform preliminary analysis of the output data to determine process variation
    8. Perform other analysis to validate and verify the data
    9. Write the Measurement Report.

    Required reading:

    iSix Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap retrieved on Mar 16, 2010 from


    iSix Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Reference retrieved on Mar 16, 2010 from


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    The Measure Phase
    Key Input Variables
    • Days to Close: Time span from the origin of the call to client indication that the issue is closed to their satisfaction
    • Staff Experience/Training
    • Call wait time
    • Staffing
    Key Process Variables
    • Answer Call
    • Gather customer information
    • Assess ability to resolve
    • Transfer call
    • Gather resolution information
    • Log call data
    Key Output Variables
    • Customer Satisfaction: Case by case customer satisfaction data
    • Support Cost per call: The staff time connected to each call combined with a distribution of benefits and infrastructure costs
    • Resolution Information
    • Information in system
    • Escalation decision
    Key measures that indicate performance of the business process
    • First contact resolution
    • Quality of the representative
    • Knowledge of the staff
    • Speed of answer or time to close
    • Customer satisfaction
    CTQ Name: Staff knowledge
    CTQ Measure: Number of escalations/Number of unanswered calls
    CTQ Specification: less than 10% escalations in next three months
    Defect: calls with hold time equal and greater than 60 seconds
    Unit: call
    Opportunity: 1call
    The data collection started from segment that offered the most potential for the team's learning. Since limited resources were available for data collection, the approach helped conserve the ...

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