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Lean, Six Sigma for Supply Chains

Demonstrate out how supply chain companies can integrate Lean and Six Sigma concepts into a Lean Six Sigma framework that can form the foundation of business process improvement in their organisations. You should conduct an online literature search for related articles and papers. Where appropriate, you should include suitable figures, tables and a reference list (to be cited in the text). Show evidence of your literature search by listing at least two references in your report.

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Lean and Six Sigma are two valuable tools that can help organizations eliminate waste in the supply process, as well as, maintain a consistent product to the customer each and every time. Supply chain companies can integrate these tools at the same time or at different times depending on what the situation dictates. In order to understand this concept it is important to understand what Lean and Six Sigma can accomplish.

Lean is a concept that came about in the 60's when Japanese companies, recovering from the war, needed to use their limited resources to help them compete in the most effective way possible (Polcyn, 2006). Lean uses calculations to determine factors such as lead time, delays and queue time, value added or not added, process efficiency and waste. The Lean concept allows companies to understand and change the process of doing business by eliminating any wasted action that ...

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Six Sigma is a very important framework that forms the very foundation of business process improvements. This solution provides a solid correlation between supply chains, Lean and Six Sigma correlation.