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    Interview Notes

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    You are the hiring manager at Home Depot and need to fill a position for an exempt status night shift supervisor. You have just interviewed an applicant who you think would be a good fit for the position. The applicant meets the minimum job requirements as listed in the advertised job description, and has responded well to the competency-based interview questions posed during the actual interview. (Refer to the responses you created during Unit 6.)
    Type a list of effective notes from this interview. Make sure your notes are descriptive and refer to job-related facts only. Avoid using subjective language and recording any unsubstantiated opinions. You are also encouraged to conduct your own outside research to help you complete this activity.
    To successfully complete the projects, the following are the minimum requirements:
    ? Type a list of effective notes from the interview presented during Unit 6.
    ? Use objective language and make sure all notes include job-related facts instead of opinions.
    ? Conduct your own outside research to help you create more realistic notes.
    ? Include a reference page to give credit to your sources.

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    Job Interview Notes:

    1. The applicant has explained the similarities of his previous company and the company he is applying at the present. In effect, he is stating facts that his experiences with the previous company is related to the job he is applying for and that there is similarity in the nature of the business of the two companies. These factors make him very qualified for the job. He related what he knows about the company when he discussed his career accomplishments and matched them to what the company is looking for.

    2. He stated that he has been happy with the previous job and he is grateful for the opportunities that has been given to him by the company. Another good thing was that he did not make any derogatory remark about his former employer.

    3. He is confident with his work experiences and educational attainment as both his work experiences and business degree are useful in the ...

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    The solution contains a list of effective notes from a job interview taking into consideration the following: the use of objective language and making sure that all notes include job-related facts instead of opinions. References also included.