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    Interview for Research

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    One way to have primary source material for your research project is to create questions for an interview, to conduct the interview, and to report your findings within the paper. For this assignment, you are to create a series of questions you could use in interviewing someone who is an authority on the topic you are researching. Some of you will actually be able to utilize this technique as a way of gathering information, while others of you will not have access to someone who is an authority or primary source. Thus, it will not be possible for you to use the interview technique. Whether you can actually make use of the interview questions or not, you should create a series of questions that you could ask as if you were able to arrange for an interview, either in person, over the phone, or possibly through e-mail.

    As you prepare the interview material, be sure to include the following:

    Space for the name of the interviewee.
    Space for the date and time of the interview.
    Written purpose of the interview.
    The topic.
    At least eight good questions that follow the guidelines delineated in the lecture. There should be sufficient space following each question so you can insert notes.

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