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    Research Questions V/s Interview Questions

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    Discuss the difference between the research questions that address a problem being explored and the questions that might be used in an interview. How are they similar? How are they different?

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    Guidance on Research Questions and Interview Questions - Similarities and Differences

    Research questions are the questions formed by the researcher to explore the different components of the problem to be studied. The researcher can try to explore the what, why and how of the problem. These are more generic questions guiding the overall research. These research questions lead to the formulation of hypothesis. For example, a research question can be: Are consumers of Walmart loyal to the retail store because of its everyday low prices? The hypothesis is an unproven statement arising out of this research question and the hypothesis will be answer to the statement as follows: Consumers of Walmart are loyal to the retail store due to ...

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    The solution provides guidance on similarities among and differences between research questions and interview questions.