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    Questions during Job Interviews and How to Address Them

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    1. Identify five (5) general (common) questions you believe will likely be asked by most interviewers. Prepare a response for each question regarding how you personally would answer each question.
    2. Explain and identify what information about the organization you might need to research and be knowledgeable about before the interview.
    3. Identify three (3) questions that an interviewer cannot ask and how you would professionally reply to each if any are asked of you.
    4. Prepare a short 1 paragraph "Thank you" note that you might send to an interviewer within 24-hours of the interview

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    A caution during job interview: Refrain from framing and asking questions on sex, gender, and would create hostility.

    1. Five (5) general (common) questions you believe will likely be asked by most interviewers.

    Question no. 1 : "Tell me about yourself?"

    Possible response:

    Note: The interviewee must not answer the question with reference to his own profile and personal background. It should be answered on what you can do and how your skills and experiences can possibly contribute to the company.

    Anthony (2011) suggested the following questions:

    Question no. 2: "Why did you leave your last job?"
    Probable Answer:
    "I finished my mission there successfully and felt I need to move further in my career."

    Question no. 3: "What are your weaknesses?"
    Probable Answers:
    "Well, my presentation skills are not the best. But I read a lot of literature and regularly practice to improve it."
    "Time to time I have problems with concentration in work. But I have been working on this ability for a long time now, and it's much better as it was two years ago."

    Another questions, as suggested by Morin and Cabrera (1983) would be:
    Question no. 4: "What do you find most attractive about this position? What seems least attractive about it?
    Possible response: List three or four attractive factors of the job, and mention a single, minor, ...

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    This solution identifies probable questions that will be asked during a job interview. It also recognizes questions that are taboo during interviews.