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    Tips in Assessing Job Applicants

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    This chapter's "Develop Your Skills" (page 225 of your textbook) feature gave you some tips on assessing job candidates. Based on what you read in this chapter, what are five additional tips that you would add to the list? Explain, in detail, why you would add each additional tip.

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    When screening applicants, ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements by complying with the documents that are needed such as their diploma or related training and education as well as employment certificates.
    Interviews can be one-on-one or with a panel of interviewers. Interviewer can include situational and behavioral types of questions.
    Written tests can be used to assess their IQ, personality type and other skills required for the job position.
    Reference check on past work performance from their employers.
    Physical tests can assess the aptitude or capacity of the applicant.
    Other ways to assess ...

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