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Computer Support Specialist: Recruitment Strategy

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You have been asked to recruit for a computer support specialist who assists with LAN/WAN networks in an organization you represent as an HR professional. Filling this position will address an important strategic need for the organization, which is short of people in this area and cannot operate effectively without filling this position quickly. Using the O*Net job boards and other web-based resources, locate the details needed to outline a recruitment strategy for trying to find well-qualified professionals in this field (do not forget protected/minority members in this field as well).

Your initial response should not consist solely of opinion statements, but be supported by factual information.

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Recruitment Strategy is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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Step 1
The computer support specialist who assists with LAN/WAN networks will be a person who will provide technical assistance to LAN/WAN network users. He must be able to answer questions or resolve LAN/WAN network problems for clients. He must be able to provide assistance relating to the use of LAN/WAN network hardware and software, including printing, installation, software, databases, and operating systems. He must have knowledge of telecommunications, transmission, broadcasting, switching control, and operation of LAN/WAN networks. He should have working knowledge of LAN/WAN network circuit boards, processor chips, electronic equipment, and hardware/software. Applicants will have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or computer engineering. Previous work experience ...

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