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    Job Posting Sites

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    There are, quite literally, thousands of sites that provide you with databases of job postings. Some are better than others. Some focus on specific industries, others offer postings for only executive managers.

    You want to be an accountant. Connect to a couple of different job search database sites, search for your job and answer the following questions about each site.

    1. What is the date of the last update?
    2. Are career opportunities abroad listed as a separate category or are they integrated with domestic jobs?
    3. Can you search for a specific organization?
    4. Can you search for geographic location? If so, how? By city? By zip code?
    5. Can you apply for a position online? If so, how do you submit your resume?
    6. Do you have to register to build an online resume?
    7. Once a potential employer performs a search that matches your resume, how can that employer contact you?
    8. Once you build your resume, can you use it to perform a job search?
    9. Are there valuable tips available for building a good resume?

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    I have chosen to focus on 2 websites:

    1. Senior Manager, Corporate Accounting at efinancial careers.

    2. Financial Accountant at Monster.co.uk

    Job 1:

    1. The last update was on August 8, 2012.
    2. The jobs abroad are listed separately.
    3. It is possible to search ...

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