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    Online Recruitment

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    1. Will online recruitment eliminate the fairness (increase bias) in the hiring process or do you believe it may increase fairness? Explain.
    2. How much do you believe that having a good LinkedIn profile guarantees that an individual is a good job candidate? Does a LinkedIn referral influence your perception of a job candidate?

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    Online Recruitment:

    - Easy process in actively seeking qualified candidates due to the popular use of the internet by everyone.

    - Many organization the internet is the primary source in recruiting and talent acquisition.

    - Today the job boards, social media, specialized business networking sites, and other forums, increases the size of the potential candidate.

    - The job posting is seen by array of individuals; allowing opportunities for everyone to apply.

    - The down size of online recruitment is deciding the best way to introduce a job offer to a candidate. There in some cases, ...

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    The solution discovers the advantage and disadvantage with online recruitment. The benefits of a good LinkedIn is determined.