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Recruitment Strategy for Various Positions

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Using your selected organization, research how the organization recruits for at least three types of positions: senior leaders, mid-level managers, and technical positions (technical positions may be any type of position that provides technical expertise to the organization, such as engineers, production specialists, or marketing specialists).

Analyze the current recruitment strategy, and answer the following questions:

What methods and techniques does the organization use to recruit for these positions?
Does the current method provide a diverse talent pool to select the best candidates?
What methods are used to narrow the talent pool?
What is the selection process?
How effective is the current process at identifying, selecting, and retaining highly talented candidates?
What recommendations would you make to senior leaders to improve the process, including any techniques to widen the diversity of the talent pool?

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At our community college senior leaders are recruited by posting job notices on national recruitment sites, listing the position in education newspapers, and sometimes, should the position be of an extremely high level (vice president, superintendent, or dean), a management recruitment firm is employed to help with the search. The current method of recruitment provides a diverse talent pool, especially during these tough economic times. Applicants are drawn from multiple states. Applicants are asked to meet the posted requirements, submit a letter of no more than five pages stating the reasons they feel they are qualified, proof of their educational background (transcripts), and job references. Should there be more than 25 applicants who meet the qualifications set out by the hiring committee; ten applicants are randomly chosen to come in for an interview. If there are less than 25 applicants that are qualified, only five are granted interviews. Of those chosen to be interviewed, diversity is considered. Interviews are done by committee, asking the same structured questions to each applicant. Each applicant's questions are reviewed and the pool of applicants is rated high to low. The final three candidates, based on the hiring committee's rankings, are invited for a second round of interviews. This set of interviews includes another round of questioning by the hiring committee, an interview with a representative group of senior managers, and an open forum of ...

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This solution outlines the recruitment strategies for three different types of positions, senior leaders, mid level managers, technical positions. It outlines the methods and techniques the organization uses to recruits for these positions, utilization of talent pool, selection process, and effectiveness of system. It includes examples.