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    Workforce Management & Development Strategies

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    Workforce management and workforce development plays a big part in a company.
    How does recruiting and on-the-job training impact workforce management and development strategy?
    What are the possible consequences of a company not using these strategies?
    How can these strategies be measured?

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    It is vital for an organization to view recruitment not only as a means for filling an immediate staffing need, but as a strategy for obtaining top talent for future growth. Business continuity is essential to ensure an organization efficiently manages changes in staffing. It is essential for organizations to have the right people, at the right time, ready to take on the right job (reference PPT, slide 3). Recruitment is the "first step" in workforce management. Those involved in the hiring process should focus on obtaining individuals with growth potential. Identifying promising job candidates may be as simple as ...

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    This solution is over 300 words and discusses the link between workforce management and development. For most companies, employees are their most valuable - and expensive - resource. Investing in development of employees today will help to ensure they have the skills for jobs of tomorrow. The solution includes a PowerPoint from the Society of Human Resource Management in support of the discussion.