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    This posting addresses legal issues with web sites.

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    Today, an ever increasing percentage of our purchases take place using the Internet. Most every brick-and-mortar retailer also has a website; in addition there are many on-line only sellers as well. Let's discuss in general how we think the law should respond to this changing retail environment. Has the law kept up? Are online retailers responding to customer needs adequately? Have you had particularly good (or bad) experiences with online retailers? Which online sites do a good job of meeting customer needs?

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    I think that the law has kept up, but it wasn't so at first. With the relative explosion of online retailers, it took some time for the law to catch up. We now go to internet sites and see how and where retailers have responded to customer issues, which includes the legal aspects and the customer service issues in dealing with those aspects. Fraudulent auctions on E-bay were a very serious issue. People paid big money for goods that they expected to receive and then never received. The company ultimately responded by imposing strict penalties to people that create fake auctions, ...

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