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    Describe the legal, ethical and regulatory issues for the 3 selected websites and how they handle security, confidentiality and international issues

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    I have selected Myspace, Facebook, and Eharmony for the Web sites. I have to describe the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that the Web sites must address. Describe how each site handles security, confidentiality and international issues.

    Please provide references.

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    The three sites that I have chosen are MySpace, Facebook and Eharmony. MySpace and Facebook are networking sites to stay in contact with friends and meet new friends. Eharmony is a dating website.

    As far as the legal arena goes, each of these sites use administrators that monitor legalities. They have rules and policies in place that must be followed to be a user. In the ethical arena, each of these sites has ethical issues. On MySpace and Facebook there are stalkers and internet spammers that can harm other users. ...

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    The solution discusses all the aspects mentioned for the three websites including comparisons between sites.