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    Legal, Ethical and Regulatory issues related to Websites

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    Select three related eBusiness Web sites (in the same industry).

    Disneyland.com, Universalstudioshollywood.com, and seaworld.com

    Describe the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that the Web sites must address. Describe how each site handles security, confidentiality and international issues.

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    //Before lettering about the Legal, Ethical and Regulatory issues related to Websites, we have to understand the importance of websites in the present business environment. The benefits associated with the e-business strategy will be discussed. Then, we will discuss about the legal framework of the business environment and the various laws applicable for the management of different kinds of issues.//

    Legal, Ethical and Regulatory issues related to Websites

    In the present times all businesses operate through the Websites and it is very necessary to develop a Website to run the business. It is the time of globalization, technology, fast flow of information, e- Business and company cannot survive without Websites. Due to exponential growth of Internet, there are various issues to be considered. Website should obtain the permission while using the content of other providers and clear terms and conditions, mentioning of privacy information are some of the issues to be stated. There are legal issues as Copyright, Trademark to be considered. All the countries in the world use the Internet and various legal and ethical problems arise out of it.

    Doing business through E- commerce is very easy and simple because of flexible laws and rules. It is very essential to understand the risk in it and E- business should provide safe and easy trading to its customers. Laws are compulsory to be made, otherwise there are no obligations and responsibilities defined and uncertainty arises. In some of the countries, legislations are enacted to make safe environment for customers and businesses. For Example: In Australia Electronic Transaction Act (ETA) is passed. This gives confidence to the users about legal issues and it is also an effective tool for business and reduces various costs. Other legal issues to be considered are forming contracts, privacy policies and protecting information. There should be set of laws for cyberspace and they should develop coordination with other countries.

    Ethical issues

    Businesses should take care of the private information of their customers, develop a trust and create an ethical environment for the business. They should maintain proper security methods; assure a guarantee so that information is not accessed by malicious users.

    Regulatory issues

    Copyright & Trademark: Trademark has a major impact on E- business and owner can incur ...

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