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    Question about Selection Tools

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    Please help me get started on the following:
    Address the following considerations related to selection tools, in a paper.

    Name three selection tools that you would consider using for a hiring program at a supermarket.

    Choose what you think is the best selection tool or combination of selection tools.

    Justify your choice by describing the advantages of your method compared to other selection tools that were considered.

    Organize an interview and selection plan for the position in your final project:

    Compile a list of interview questions for chemical engineer.
    Organize an interview and selection plan for the position in your final project:

    Detail the considerations in reaching hiring decisions for this position.

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    //As to gain knowledge about the types of selection tools, it is necessary to get acquainted of the fact, as to what is selection tool. One should know about the exact meaning of selection tools and the assistance provided by it to the organization//

    Selection Tools:

    A selection tool is an aid that helps the interviewer to focus on the key success criteria of the candidates. It identifies the candidate's strengths and weaknesses. It helps the managers in the direction of proper training and market development, and also provides a profile of the candidate as it would help the manager to keep a record of the candidate during the candidate's tenure with the agency. Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable person out of all the applicants. In this process, relevant information is collected through a series of steps (Mamoria & Gankar, 2002).

    //Above is the explanation of selection tools used by the organization to hire an employee. As per the instructions, now I will move towards the types of selection tools, which should be considered for the purpose of hiring program at the 'Supermarket'//

    The three tools that I would consider for the hiring program at the supermarket are:

    1. Preliminary Interview: First of all, initial screening would be done to weed out the unqualified and unwanted candidates. This would help the company to recruit the candidates. It helps the interviewer to know about the communication skills and the confidence level of a candidate (Mamoria & Gankar, 2002). In the preliminary interview, the interviewer recruits the candidates on the basis of the company's requirements. It is checked that the interviewee's qualification matches the company's needs. Preliminary interview is a sorting process in which the prospective candidates are given necessary information about the nature of job (Mamoria & Gankar, 2002).

    A preliminary interview helps to determine whether it is worthwhile for a candidate to cross further steps of a selection process.

    2. Selection Test: A test is a sample of some aspects of an individual's attitude, behavior and performance. It also provides a systematic basis to compare the behavior, performance of two or more persons. This helps the company to know the potential of the candidates. By this, the candidate's reaction and actions are noticed (Mamoria & Gankar, 2002). It is seen that how they react in a particular situation. There are various types of tests that could be organized for the candidates like aptitude ability test, job knowledge test, and personality test (Mamoria & Gankar, 2002).

    3. Final Interview: An interview is a conversation between two people. Selection process involves a personal, observational and face to face appraisal of the candidates for employment Interview is an essential element of selection and no selection procedure is complete without one or more personal interviews (Mamoria & Gankar, 2002). The information collected ...

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