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Human Resource Management

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MGT410 Unit 2 IP 2-3 pages
The information that a selection specialist uses to predict future job performance can be obtained from several different types of tools: application forms, interviews, tests, work simulations, and so on. In this assignment, use course materials, resources, and the Library to finish constructing your selection process. For this assignment, your selection process should include the following components:
1. Identification of the tool or tools to be used and ways in which technology can be used to make the tool(s) more effective.
2. Rationale for usage
3. How the tool or tools will be used in the selection process
4. List of resources cited
MGT410 Unit 2 DB 4-5 paragraphs
In a Human Resources Department meeting, one of your co-workers asks you what factors you believe should be considered in the development and selection of instruments for predicting job performance. Using course materials to support your position, briefly write your response. Be sure to include the following:
? What is the primary factor that should guide the selection of instruments for the prediction of future job performance? (1 paragraph)
? Why is this factor primary? (2-3 Paragraphs)
? Submit your work to the discussion board. Read the responses to this issue and post a 1 paragraph response to at least one of your classmate's ideas.

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The response address the queries posted in 843 words with references.
// The paper will discuss about the various tools that can be used in the selection process of an Organization. It will help you in gaining knowledge about three important tools that have been discussed in the paper. //


The paper will discuss about the various tools that can be used for the selection process to predict the future job performance. It will also discuss about the need and usage of the tools for selection process. The way in which the tools will be utilized for selection process will also be explained in the paper. The information in the document will help in forming an important and effective selection process that can be used in an organization.

Identification of tools used in the selection process

The tools used for selection process will be very helpful in selecting the employees, who will give their best performance in future. They will contribute greatly for the development and progress of the firm. The tools that will be used for the selection process are as described:

Application forms: The application form is an important tool, which is formed by the company and the candidate has to fill it with all the necessary information. It will help the company in gaining information about the candidate in an easy way, so that, future decisions regarding their selection can be taken in a proper way. The form can be made on computer and can be uploaded on the site of the organization. In other words, online application forms can be created; so that, it is easy both for the candidate, as well as, the company to get the application forms filled up (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).
Interview: The interview process is another significant tool for selection of the right candidate for the right ...

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The response address the queries posted in 843 words with references.

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