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    Family therapist in a mental health setting

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    Interviewing skills can be used in a wide variety of settings. How these skills may be applied? As a marriage and family therapist career in mind, think of a social service agency, healthcare agency, business, educational institution, or government agency that you would potentially be employed at that could make use of a counseling/clinical interview. I need notes for a 2-3 page paper:
    1) Describe any organization you selected and then discuss the value and advantages of an intake interview for the organization.
    2) What situation would it be used in?
    3) Why would an intake or counseling interview be a good choice for this organization?
    4) What ethical issues may arise in this specific situation and how could they be addressed?

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    This article reviews the job scope of a family therapist in a mental health setting. It draws attention to some relevant ethical points that are specific to work in this setting. The article also talks about the importance of conducting a clinical interview when working with families and highlights some key points to consider while doing so.