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Marriage and Family Therapy

Please provide an internet article regarding Marriage and Family Therapy (focusing on Troubled Families) as a new and growing treatment modality.

Please summarize the article and site the source.

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The article, Family therapy: "Healing family conflicts?(MayoClinic, 2007) explain to the family what family therapy can do to help troubled families, who it can help, the types of provides it can effectively address, and what the client should do and expect in therapy.

The article defines family therapy as "a type of psychotherapy,?which is short term therapy that is provided by marriage and family therapists focused on the family relationships. It offers an individualized treatment plan based on the family situation, typically having a family attend one session a week for three to five months. In some cases, though, families may need more intensive treatment.

Family therapy is aimed at the troubled family and marriages, which are experiencing conflict and stress, such as illness, divorce, teenage rebellion, or other problems that create conflict and stress. Family therapy is aimed at both the family and marriages to help families identify and resolve problems. Family therapy can also help families mend strained relationships, learn new coping skills and improve how the family works together. Family therapy helps the marriage partners or other family members, such as a child, sibling or parent in crisis to communicate better and learn to get along. Any person and family who want to improve relationships would benefit from family therapy.

However, family therapy works in conjunction with other mental health professionals and counseling, such as a person having a schizophrenic diagnosis still needs to work with the mental health professionals and still take her or his medication. In other words, family therapy is not "a substitute for other necessary treatments?but works together with other mental health specialists.

The article also explains how family therapy works. Weekly sessions can include the entire family, individual family members or non-family members, if it will help the family situations e.g., teachers, social service agencies, other health professionals, etc. Specifically, a family therapist helps the family explore such thing as their ability to solve problems and express thoughts and emotions; and explores family roles, rules and behavior patterns in order to spot issues that contribute to conflict. In therapy, families identify their family's strengths, such as caring for one another, and weaknesses, such as an inability to confide in one other. The family learns skills, such as the health expression of feeling, communication, parenting, financial, stress, as well as addressing issues related to grief, ...

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This solution provides a summary of an internet article regarding Marriage and Family Therapy (focusing on Troubled Families) as a new and growing treatment modality.