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Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling

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Emphasize the important elements of counselor identity, function, and ethics. Discuss Biblical values and insights related to your topic and personal reflections to provide biblically grounded, ethical, and empirically based counseling services.

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Marriage, couple and family counseling approaches and counselor identity through a moral, ethical standpoint

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Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling:

Obtaining a healthy, loving and happy family are vital needs for everyone. Marriage, couple and family counselors provide the quality in support and guidance in fulfilling those needs. The proper, effective training and supervision in marriage, couple, and family counseling is essential in becoming a licensed practitioner. It is important to follow national and state counseling standards, ethical, moral and legal codes. The most current approach in family counseling is through empirically-based or evidence-based practice in providing quality client care. The goal of the marriage, couple and family counselor should be to help clients make positive and healthy choices.

Couples may experience stressful life events and addressing how couples adapt to stress is imperative for understanding marital development. A study by Neff & Broady (2011) drew from theories of "stress inoculation, which suggested that the successful adaptation to moderately stressful events may help individuals develop resilience to future stress" (p. 1051). The current study examined whether experiences with manageable stressors early in the marriage may serve to make the relationship more resilient to future stress (Neff & Broady, 2011). The study results indicated that entering marriage with better relationship resources may not be sufficient to shield ...

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