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    Confidentiality-Ethical and legal issues in mental health

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    1.Confidentiality is one of the most significant ethical and legal issues in the field of mental health. Clients and patients rely on this confidentiality when they share their personal issues with the therapist. Discuss one issue that might arise if that confidentiality is broken by the therapist.

    2. Ethical and legal responsibilities for psychologists or social workers. Identify the state two of the ethical or legal responsibilities. Do you believe these are valuable/ Why or why not.

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    You have asked for a professional response to the above questions relating to confidentiality. I am currently working in the Mental Health field and can answer these questions from a Social Worker's point of view.

    1 .Discuss one issue that might arise if that confidentiality is broken by the therapist.

    A therapist may only break confidentiality in certain cases, which will be discussed further in response to question 2. If a therapist breaks confidentiality OUTSIDE of those ethical and legal responsibilities, a number of things may happen. Psychologists and Social Workers all must be members of a professional college which regulates their practice in the jurisdiction where they work (Usually from State to State). If they have broken confidentiality as it relates to the college's code of conduct, then they may be subject to an investigation and potential disciplinary action, ...

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