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    Business plan for mental health consultation

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    1000 word paper
    In mental health consultations what is the most effective process? What is research in mental health consultation say? List any ethical considerations and strategies inherent in this type of consultation process has?

    A description of different types of methods in this practice.
    Evaluate how a business plan, marketing, return on investment, and business law are important in this consultation practice.
    A description of how a business plan, marketing, and business law can avert some of the ethical issues inherent in this consultation practice.

    Must have peer reviewed articles, not web sites

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    Business Plan
    Mental Health Consultation Process
    In the words of Thompson and McCabe (2012), proper communication between consultant and patient is a key of executing most effective mental health consultation process as it enhances collaboration and shared decision making. It helps consultants to ensure participation of the patient in the treatment process and to develop more effective results. According to Scott et al. (2013), an effective mental health consultation process includes six steps, which starts with an intervention in which the consultant seeks to summarize available information into useful knowledge. In second step, a formal consultation conducted, which leads to the next step of relationship building. Formal interventions are conducted in this step. After this, program is evaluated and accessed to make required changes in the consultation program. In the last step, consultative agreement is terminated through clinical interventions.
    Priebe et al. (2011) stated that good communication is a key aspect of an effective consultation process regarding mental health. This is an effective means to improve the quality of relationship during the consultation process and to ensure active engagement of patient for developing positive outcomes. Clinician should have skills and ability to communicate with the patients for developing an effective relationship with the client as it is critical to implement a most effective mental health consultation process.
    Ethical Consideration and Strategies
    In the mental health counseling process, ethical considerations include value objectivity, integrity by respecting the client's autonomy and dignity as well as communicating expectations and responsibilities through a formal disclosure statement. It allows counselor to ensure ...

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    This response provides guidelines about developing the various aspects of the business of mental health consultations. Ethical considerations and challenges are also discussed. Different Types of Methods in Practice in are highlighted.