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Issues of confidentiality in the field of mental health

Confidentiality is one of the most significant ethical and legal issues in the field of mental health. Clients/patients rely on this confidentiality when they share their personal issues with the therapist.

1) Discuss one issue such as informed consent relating to child and adolescent counselling that might arise if that confidentiality is broken by the therapist.

2) What types of conflicts can result from the counsellor's legal responsibility to respect a parent's right to be informed of counselling services and the ethical responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the minor?

Use scholarly sources only and cite all sources using APA format

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1) If confidentiality is broken by the therapist as it relates to informed consent in a situation of a child or adolescent counseling, then this child or adolescent can suffer mental or emotional harm due to the fact that this information has been released to others. Especially in situations where unauthorized individuals utilize this information as a means ...