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Managing the Professional Service-Client Issues

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My ideal practice size is a Mental Health Practitioner. Addressing the following issues: screening and hiring procedures, defining job descriptions, establishing salary, possible options of outsourcing, fees to clients (covering overhead & salaries) and issues of confidentiality.

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Opening an office designed to be a mental health practice requires a great deal of though and fore planning. Not only are there a great many logistical issues to consider, such as adequate staffing and resources, but there are ethical and physical location considerations to take into account as well. In addition, as no psychologist can feasibly address the issues of every client that walks through the doors, suitable professional relationships must be established that enable any necessary referrals to made quickly and confidently. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but if these issues are considered a head of time, the likelihood that the mental health practice will be successful will increase dramatically.

One primary considering when opening an office of this type is to address the issue of overhead and salaries. The psychology profession is unique on this account because it typically does have lower overhead than many professions, particularly when related to others in the medical profession. There are few materials and pieces of equipment to worry about, so the reality is that the average psychologists can account for these costs during the start up phase of the operation. If the practice is to be a solo operation, this will likely consist of a reception area and one office area. As the practice grows, another room could be added to be solely used for talking with patients, reserving a primary office space to be only used the psychologist. As such, expenses will be limited to basic upkeep on the office, equipment and furniture, and salaries. Most beginning mental health practices can be staffed by one office assistant, the psychologist, and then possibly one billing person if the practice has suitable business to warrant that. If it does not, then the office assistant also often will handle most billing duties, with the assistance of the psychologist him or her self.

In screening possible staff members, a psychological assessment could be considered in order to ...

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This solution discusses the issues of screening and hiring procedures, defining job descriptions, establishing salary, possible options of outsourcing, fees to clients (covering overhead & salaries) and issues of confidentiality as a mental health practitioner.

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