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    Managing Stakeholder Expectations Via Project Scope Document

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    Addresses the needs of different project stakeholders and restate the mission and purpose of the project. It is suggested recapping what has been agreed upon for this project in order to minimize scope creep. 700 words or more. Please provide sources.

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    Dear Student,

    Managing stakeholder expectations is a key element in project management. This needs to be done within the scope of the project. Below, you will find guidance on managing stakeholder expectations via the project scope document.

    Manage client expectations with a project scope document
    Takeaway: A scope document can help you and your client understand exactly what to expect during the course of a project. The project scope document included here to establish expectations up front and present your work more professionally.

    The middle of delivering a service or project deliverable is too late to begin managing a client's expectations. To be successful, you have to start managing expectations at the beginning of every client request. It would be nice to be able to take the quick and easy path of just discussing an issue or request with a client and then doing the work. The challenge is that people hear and interpret the same message in different ways. To protect your client and yourself, take the time to develop a detailed scope document on the front end of any project to manage both of your expectations.

    What does a scope document achieve?

    The essence of the scope document is always to state to your client, "This is what I heard you say, this is what I plan to do, and this is the cost of the effort." Making this ...

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    This solution provides guidance in managing stakehold expectations for a project via the use of the project scope documents. The solution provides guidance on managing deliverables, plan specifics, resources needs, cost, and payment plans that will impact the stakeholder and need to be managed.