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Project Management Life Cycle Mode

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Explain how you will choose and use a project management life cycle model. Describe how you would incorporate requirements, flexibility, adaptability, change, risk, team cohesiveness, communications, client involvement, specifications, and business value.

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Project managers are faced with trying to manage projects that are geographically distributed, complicated, ambiguous, and time constrained. Some project managers find traditional project management (water fall) methods are too restrictive, resource heavy and too long produce results or values. However, for many project managers agile methodologies are often too loose and lack control. Knowing about different project management methods can help many project managers to develop successful methods for evaluating risks, managing interdependencies and controlling delivery of their projects. To determine which methods or methods you should choose as a project manager, you need to consider seven key areas: scope, requirements, culture flexibility, project team dynamics, stakeholder tolerance, risk level and perception of value.

When looking at scope, you need to consider if you have a clear understanding of the scope of the project. The more unclear your project's scope, the more you should lean towards structured planning ...

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The expert explains how you will choose and use a project management life cycle model.

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