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Project Management: Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Stakeholders may not communicate as frequently or politely as a project leader prefers. How would you work with a stakeholder who threatens to go over your head and complain to your supervisor if you cannot guarantee specific results?

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As a project leader, how would you work with a stakeholder who either demands constant updates or does not respond to your calls or e-mails?

Most of the time, a stakeholder who is behaving badly is a result of a lack of understanding on their part regarding what the role of a project manager is and how the project manager will work with them to accurately complete the project. A stakeholder who demands constant updates is more than likely responding to their own pressures from others on their side and may not be communicating that to the project manager. The best ...

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A discussion regarding working with stakeholders who are unprofessional and demand specific results including guidance on how to handle these types of situations. 364 words.