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Stakeholder Analysis for Project Communications

Create a stakeholder analysis for project communications. Assume your organization has a project to determine employees' training needs and then provide in-house and external sources for courses in developing communications skills for employees. Stakeholders could be various levels and types of employees, suppliers, the Human Resources department in charge of the project, and so on. Determine specific stakeholders for the project. List at least one type of project communication for each stakeholder and the format for disseminating information to each.

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//Before formulating any project or designing project communication, it is very essential to have knowledge of the key Stakeholder of the company. In this concern, it becomes necessary to conduct stakeholder analysis. So I am providing you with the description of Stakeholder analysis, which will surely guide you in the project communication//

Stakeholder Analysis for Project Communications

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is one of the most important things a project manager must do at the time of its project beginning. These are various individuals, groups, or organizations that have inquisitiveness in the project and can activate resources to have an effect on its outcome in a positive way. Stakeholders related with a project will provide important information during its different stages.

It is very important for a project manager to carry out a stakeholder analysis so that he can identify these individuals or groups together with their name, organization, position on the project, rank of interest, stage of authority, exclusive facts, expectations and ways to deal with their expectations. This information is necessary for the project manager as these are the individuals who will recognize the project necessities and make available the project assets and support.

If the project team neglects a significant stakeholder or doesn't administer the stakeholders' expectations, they could work in opposition to the project and keep it away from ...

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