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ERP implementation and defining stakeholders

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Create a final project. Turn the final project into one paper. Remember, the project should include:

Title Page
Stakeholder Identification ( 1 page)
Project Charter (1 page)
WBS (1 page)
Risk Analysis (all risks identified; 3 most important risks quantified & qualified) (1 page)
Risk Response Plan (for 3 most important risks only) (1 page)
Estimated Time (1/2 page)
Estimated Budget (1/ 2 page)
Project Schedule (Gantt Chart or similar tool) (1 page)
Communications Plan (1-2 pages)

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The document details different sections of a ERP project plan.

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Project Proposal #1

Part 1:
Select a project for development into a Project Plan.

For this assignment, please describe in general terms the goal you would like to achieve in the project on which you will work. Your goal should meet the definition of SMART goals. Even though you will not actually be executing the plan you write for your final project, it is impossible to begin creating that plan without a clear goal in mind. Please use this assignment to describe that goal, providing enough information so that the reader, who has no background on the problem you hope to solve or the innovation you hope to initiate, can understand the goal you have in mind in detail.

Required Length- 1-2 paragraphs

Part 2:
Identify the project you have chosen for your term project (i.e., give it a "name").
- Describe briefly how you chose this project.
- What were your selection criteria, given what you have learned so far about the nature of projects? 1-2 pages

Identify the stakeholders involved in this project. (1 page)
- List the groups of stakeholders and define each group.
- Identify any specific characteristics of each stakeholder group in terms of their connection to the project. As the project manager, what features of each group do you need to be aware of?

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