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    IT Implementation Plan (ERP Implementation)

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    IT Implementation Plan (ERP Implementation)

    Systems Analysis
    - What hardware and software is needed?
    - How many users will this affect?
    - Is this a global solution?
    - What kinds of tools will be used for development?
    - Can an existing platform (network, servers, computers, etc.) be reused?
    - Is a database needed? If so, which one will you consider? Why?
    - Is this a new software application or will it be replacing an existing one?
    - Will you purchase an off-the-shelf product? Will it be beneficial to build a specific system?

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    What hardware and software is needed?

    ERP system integrates entire organization's IT infrastructure over a single platform. Hardware systems such as powerful servers, desktop and notebook PC's, networking equipment, etc. are required on the hardware side. On the software side, apart from the ERP solution, other routine software are required such as operating system on the PC, anti-virus solution, etc. are required by the organization.

    How many users will this affect?

    All the organizational employees, vendors and even customers will be affected by deployment of ERP solution because it replaces all the individual or standalone systems in the organization. A new, integrated platform replaces the existing systems and thus, existing users have to migrate to the new system.

    Is this a global solution?

    Yes, this is a global solution which will integrate all the locations of the organization. ERP is a single platform that combines ...

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