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The failure of IT systems

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What are some of the reasons that IT projects fail? If you have observed information systems implementations that were not successful, what were the indications of failure? What would you have done differently to prevent failure?

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IT projects fail when they are canceled, abandoned or not implemented. An IT project is challenged when it is overbudget, behind schedule or when it results in poor quality and it does not deliver what the planners needed. IT projects can fail when the ideas behind the project are simply "half- baked" ideas whcih are ideas with little thought and insufficient planning behind them. This can include factors such as the absence of a well-managed project portfolio, under skilled project managers, a project ...

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A discussion of why IT projects fail and their indications for failure is provided in this solution.

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Historic Failures of Public Infrastructure

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Research: Historic Failures of Public Infrastructure

All public infrastructure is at some degree of risk of failure to meet its designated functions. Sound engineering design seeks to understand uncertainty and manage risk to a level that is both affordable and at the same time acceptable to society. Select a public infrastructure failure in the last 20-years and analyze the failure.

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