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Examples of software failure

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Investigate examples of software failure and see if you can discern any trends. Is the failure-rate getting better or worse? Is any class of system more prone to failure than others -- perhaps government projects, or safety-related systems, or systems where there is a large degree of innovation?

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The following posting discusses examples of software failure.

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Software Failure:

The world has been rapidly changing to technology use whereby software use has been adapted by different organizations. There is a possibility of data to be lost as a result of poor software design or simply software bugs for example in the case where a program crashes when it is being closed. Some software bugs can result to the loss of files which are not related them despite the fact that this does not happen often (Robertson & Williams, 2006).

After investigating some examples of software failure it is clear that software failure is getting worse despite the fact that companies concerned with software development are still producing software systems which are complex and sophisticated that may aid in ensuring progress which is ...

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