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Project Cost for Management Software

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Identify the steps managers must undertake to ensure that data generated by project management software is accurate and up-to-date.

With managers gathering data for input into the software is critical in order to data output to be accurate. Each individual in a project has to carry their worth in the project and project managers need to ensure they are accomplishing their portion of the project. All gathered data needs to be verified as accurate prior to inputting into the management software. Also, with software there are routine updates that need to happen in order to have the most current version of the software with the latest bells and whistles. If data is not valid and software not updated the end result will not be valid and not provide the intended function of the software.

Explain, giving two examples, the need for having flexibility in the project management software.

It has been identified the IT projects have a high cost overrun and failure rate because of there uncertantiy and lack of proper planning in the beginning and wanted changes throughout the process. Have flexibility within the management software would help ease the loss.

Example 1: As the project begins to grow as stakeholders wish for change in the project the software needs to change in order to adapt for the holders desires and provide accurate information of the end result based on those change recommendations.

Example 2: The program manager is over all responsible for the project and they should have the flexibility to adjust the software to meet requirements and account for potential adjustments. There are both internal and external factors that need to be considered the PM needs to be able to make those adjustments.


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