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    Project Management: Issues

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    Project managers invest significant time during the initial stages of a project to determine how they will manage the project. What could go wrong, and how they will manage events that are likely to create problems for the project?

    For example, a project manager assigned to build a copper mine in Argentina with the client in Canada, the design team in England, and the engineering office in Chile, immediately begins to think about how to develop a project leadership team that has the technical skills and can work in a multicultural environment. The project manager considers problems associated with getting equipment to Argentina, developing skilled resources needed for the project, and understanding any concerns the client might have about the project.

    For this assignment, you are the project manager of a software development project. You are developing a software application that will assist project managers in profiling their project. The software will take data that is generated from a survey of members on the project team and generate one or more charts that reflect the profile of the project. From expert interviews, the project team will develop a list of 10 project profiles and recommendations associated with each profile. I will complete a 3- to 4-page paper that describes the top five issues the project manager considers during the early stages of the project. Prioritize this list and explain your priorities. Give some examples of things that might go wrong and trade-offs among the three goals of a project (scope, time, and cost) you might need to make to adjust to these events.

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    The top five issues that the project manager will consider during the early stages of the project are as follows. First, the software may not be suitable for users in the organization. Second, the there is lack of management support for the project. Third the users may have inadequate training in using the software. Fourth, there may be a high degree of scope changes. Fifth, customers and end users may not be engaged during the project.
    The prioritization of the list is there may be a high degree of scope changes, the final software may not be suitable for users, low management support, inadequate training of users, and lack of engagement of users.
    I have given the highest priority to degree of scope changes. If there are sudden changes in the scope of this project there will be scope increase, cost overrun, and time overrun. This project requires inputs from the exact type of questionnaires that have been given to the project department and three types of charts that will be generated. There are two types of scope changes that can ruin the project. First, the types and numbers of questionnaires can be increased leading to a sharp increase in scope. At the same time if the types of charts required is increased there will be ...

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