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    Importance of Project Termination Planning

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    What is the importance of project termination planning?

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    Project Termination Planning

    Importance of Project Termination Planning
    Project termination planning is the planning for closing out a project. A project termination plan is prepared before accomplishing the project. There are various consistence activities associated with the termination of a project (Kerzner, 2009). There are also different types of termination like termination by extinction, addition and by integration. The main aim of project termination plan is to fairly treat the concerned stakeholders through necessary processes or steps. Even though the project is successful, it is important for the organization to have an effective and acceptable termination plan for the project. Following are some of the advantages of project termination planning -
    Value to Stakeholders: It is important to consider its stakeholders for an organization before going for the termination of a project because of their ...

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