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Project Termination and Management

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When and how do you terminate a project? What is the significance of the termination checklist? When should it be developed?

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1. When and how do you terminate a project?
When? You terminate a project for two main reasons, when it is a success and has been completed or when the project has failed. See Figure 17, which further discusses these two basic reasons why projects are terminated.
One suggestion (Spirer, pp. 254-255) is that that there are two types of project termination - "natural termination" and "unnatural termination".

"Natural termination" means that the aims of the project objective have been attained. "Unnatural termination" means that work on the project has stopped because of the project constraints have been violated or the project objective has become irrelevant to the overall goals. Figure 18 lists the four most common reasons for terminating a project. It is a matter of making the decision to terminate, at which time the termination process must begin (see discussion in #2 below).
How? Guidelines for decision making in project termination
The following 11 ...

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This solution discusses aspects of project termination, such as when and how to terminate a project, the significance of the termination checklist and when it should be developed.