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    Project Implementation, Control & Termination

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    Using the same project selected in previous papers, and any information previously gathered, prepare a paper in which you update each component of your previous papers include the following:

    1. Steps taken to return the "human resources" to the organization. For projects which had people assigned full time, what are their new full time assignments?

    This is the entire assignment:
    2. Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper
    a. Using the same project selected in Week One, and any information previously gathered, prepare a 5,250-7,000-word cumulative paper in which you update each component of your previous papers include the following:
    1) Project Proposal Paper
    2) Project Planning - Technical Paper
    3) Project Planning - Human Capital Paper
    b. Project termination steps. While compiling your paper be sure to address the additional following components:
    1) Overall evaluation of the project. In particular "How did we do against the triple constraints":
    a) Timing
    b) Budget
    c) Project Specifications
    2) Steps taken to return the "human resources" to the organization. For projects which had people assigned full time, what are their new full time assignments?
    3) Input for future projects:
    a) What went right with the project that should be repeated with the next project?
    b) What went wrong that should be corrected with the next project?

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    //The completion of a particular project is a complex sequential process which includes several important considerations to fulfill the project in the best possible way. In the same series, the given paper comprises sequential process of a particular project including project implementation, control and termination. The background information of this project is described under introduction heading.//

    Project Implementation, Control & Termination: Introduction

    Project is a series of steps that consists of various phases and stages important for its completion within a stated time period. Project management is an empirical discipline that covers all the key components of management in completing any project. Key variables are managing, controlling, directing and planning. Project needs a large investment of efforts and contributions to attain the goals and objectives in an effective manner. Challenges and constraints are the main obstacles in finishing any project as these act as an obstacle for the project manager as well as project teams.

    Variables like cost, time and budget are considered as the main elements that act as a hurdle in the path of overall project to attain the predetermined goals and objectives. Project managers are responsible for all forms of major activities a project encompasses. A project varies in terms of its size and significance that denote its wider scope for the individuals who undertake different projects. Project deliverables are the most important part of any project that constitutes the project management. To accomplish the project successfully, it is essential to have promising and achievable project deliverables that further assist the project managers to align the project activities in a well controlled manner. There are mainly five stages of a project that are project initiation, project execution, project monitoring & control and project closing.

    These stages of project if performed in an aligned manner can contribute a lot to the success of overall project. Every project has a finite and well defined life span and has a specific purpose to serve. A project should be properly managed and coordinated as project management is an important managerial activity for any organization. If a project is handled by a skilled and well experienced person, there are no chances of any failure for it. Project management requires sharp tools of planning & control and improved ways of coping with human problems, as a project has certain distinctive characteristic features of a non-routine and non-repetitive undertaking plagued with uncertainties. The project discussed for the paper is the project of converting a garage into a room. It is assumed that joint families will prefer to provide support for such a kind of project and will constitute majority of the stakeholders. It can be a supplementary source of income for them. The other stakeholders can be non-profit organizations or some social organizations (Halloran & Jack, 1998).

    //With the help of the knowledge of background information of this project, further, steps of the project is discussed in the next section of this paper. The next section of the project includes project proposal under the same heading. Under the project proposal team creation and project planning are the two main considerations of this project.//

    Project Proposal Paper:

    This is a project proposal paper which comprises the details related to all the essentialities for the accomplishment of the given project. The proposal will provide the assistance to the entire project team for moving ahead through all the steps of the project in the most favorable way. This is a very effective project for converting the garage into the room form. This project proposal is quite helpful for the people who have the problem of insufficient income. In addition to this, for proper utilization of the resources, this will provide a great aid.

    With the help of this research proposal, all the activities of this project and the major activities to accomplish the project can be acknowledged effectively. The first two most important requirements for this project are team creation and the project planning with which the other activities would get a rigid base to be performed. In relation to the given project, the team creation and project planning are discussed as under:

    Team creation:

    Project team is the most important part of any project, as it is the team only which can decide the probability of its success or failure in long run. To select and develop a project team is not an easy task as it confronts the project managers in the project decision making, so it should be performed effectively. An effective and efficient team is formed for the completion of the project. This team will help in building strategies and setting objectives for the project. The team is selected on the basis of technical requirements for the project and consists of efficient & capable team members.

    Team work is essential for timely completion of the project and to achieve the targets set for the project. Coordination and cooperation between the team members of a project team is a fundamental concept that is essential to accomplish the project activities in a successful manner.

    If the project team is directed with motivational tools, it is possible for the project manager to attain the project deliverables in a set time period. If teamwork exists in a positive manner among the team members, it is helpful for the project manager to perform the managerial activities.

    The team development for this project would include the group of individuals who possess effective skills and complementary expertness which are equally responsible for the attainment of equal goals of this project. The basic project team of this project would comprise the project manager and a group of project specialists in the form of managerial staff. In addition, the non-managerial staff would also be included in this project team. This non-managerial staff would comprise the family people who own the garage and aiming to covert them in the room for utilizing that from different purpose.

    All the people involved in the project team would take part in the decision making related to any activity of the project. The project manager would do the team creation under a sequential process.

    § Plan development for team building: In the planning process of team building, the entire project activities are organized. The goals and objectives of this team would be based on the project goals and objectives. The goals and objectives of this project are the development of new sources of income generation and maximum utilization of the resources available. This project would comprise several project tasks which would be assigned to the entire project team specifically. Team efforts are also identified in this process for identification of the project activities and which are to be accomplished by the individual team members of the project. The abilities of the team members are also matched with the schedule of the project (McKenna, 2000).

    § Negotiation with the team members: For this project, the project manager should source the personnel who are the most promising for this project of converting the garage into the room. The contribution required from each team member in this project would also be considered by the project manager while selecting this project.

    § Organization of the Project Team: The diverse individuals having different responsibilities related to this project should be organized in such a way that their efforts could be utilized in coordinated way. The authorization of the work among different individuals would be done by dividing the entire project in the WBS form.

    § Authority and Responsibility: The ultimate authority of the completion of this project resides with the project manager. It is essential for the project manager to coordinate the team in such a way that the budget, time and specification, all three are managed properly for completing the project.

    § Commitment of the team members: The team members selected for this project should have full commitment with this project in order to get the surety of their retention with the project till its completion. Lack of commitment of the team members creates uncertainty with the project.

    § Conducting team building services: With team building, the efficiency of the project team can be enhanced to a great extent at the initial level of the project task.

    The team developed for this project with the all above project activities should have common purpose. This will make the work of entire team effective. This helps the individual team members to accomplish their assigned tasks in the purposeful way as supposed. The team members themselves become able to distribute the work activities among them to achieve the goals of the project in the best possible way.

    This way, the team creation is the most important and effective tool under this project, for managing it in the best effective way. The creation of team with all these measures would transform the complex tasks of this project into simple form and provide solutions of different problems. The team members would be highly motivated for doing their duties with ...

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