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Software Development Project

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The content of this project is to create and develop a software which will be called DEDS: The Dog E-Daycare System (DEDS) will accept information from clients and potential clients that supports presenting dog services, scheduling appointments, and collecting relevant dog information.

In short, DEDS is a brokering system for dog owners to obtain services such as dog-sitting, kennelling, walking, and various appointments (e.g., veterinarian, breeding, grooming).

DEDS will interact with clients (people) through a web interface both for data entry and business transactions. There must be a database maintained on a web connected personal computer for dog information and client information to be entered, updated, and removed.

The DEDS will accept dog information, accept inquiries for service, schedule service, provide interface for specific care instructions, and track services rendered. The system will interface with people via the workstation and via the web.

While some of the functionality of the system may be purchased from third party vendors, it is presumed that the software for the project will primarily be developed in-house (in other words, code will have to be written).

It is also presumed that any hardware or software (e.g. database management system) needed for this new system must be purchased.

It is required to complete the Goals and Objectives section of their project plan (pdf. file attached). It is expected that your completed document will be between 3 and 4 pages in length.

This deliverable should be in the following format. This is a textual discussion. No WBS should be created at this point. At the top of the first page of your project plan should be a revision history table. Please note that this outline should be followed faithfully, including the numbering hierarchy.

More details, requirements and layout information in the accompanying pdf.

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The software development projects are given.

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1.0 Goals and Objectives
DEDS is a brokering system for dog owners to obtain various services such as dog-sitting, kennelling, walking, and various appointments. The software intends to give convenience to dog owners who lack time for such activities but care for their dogs.
1.1. Project name
Dog E-Daycare System (DEDS)
1.2. Business goals and project goals
To increase the demand for dog services through the software
1.3. Scope
This software development plan describes the overall plan to be used by DEDS project
1.4. Time and budget constraints
The DEDS project would be deployed within the time and budget constraints set by the organization
1.5. General and technical requirements
The DEDS project should meet general and technical requirements laid by the project sponsors
1.6. Training and documentation
The users should be able to use the software with ease. For this, the software would come with documentation supporting the ...

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