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    Software Development Project Management for a Software Project

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    Provide the Goals and Objectives in the given order:
    1. Project Name
    2. Business goals and project goals
    3. Scope
    4. Time and budget Constraints
    5.General and technical requirements for the following software development project ABS

    The Alumni Benefits and Services Systems (ABS) is to prove a portal that enables alumni to take advantage of a variety of benefits and services. These include online directory of all alumni, lifetime e-mail forwarding, alumni travel opportunities, and partner discounts (e.g. IBM computers, car rentals, airlines).

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    This solution provides a Project Plan for a Software Project. It contains the Goals and Objectives of a Project, Defining a scope, Time and Budgetary constraints, General and technical requirements. The solution has a concise overview of a Software Project Management as a Mind-map which will be very useful for a student.