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    Quality Management Initiatives into the Project Environment

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    Incorporate quality management initiatives into the project environment.

    Identify project scope, pricing, cost control, and estimating techniques to be employed (include summary of trade-off analysis).

    Include quality related topics of:
    Quality Movement
    Quality Management Concepts
    Cost of Quality
    Implementing Six-Sigma

    Include diagram(s) demonstrating project quality initiative process and cost estimation spreadsheet.

    GOAL: My goal is to construct a minimum of 10 pages which includes diagram(s) and spreadsheet.

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    //Obtaining quality work is the most important element of any project, and there are various tools and techniques, which are employed for obtaining quality work in a project. Some of them are discussed below to help the project manager attain quality work while performing his role. //
    Project scope
    This project is about the software installation in a Cafeteria for the fast processing of orders, quick delivery of meals, and proper management of the payroll system. With the installation of this software, the popularity of the cafeteria will increase and also the importance of the project would be developed as other people would also be availing the benefit of such projects and installing the same software in their Cafeteria.
    (See Figure)
    The project scope is a statement or a guideline, which talks about the things required in the project and the deliverables it would lead to after its completion. Moreover, it includes other relevant information included in the project. All Entities involved in the project, like the stakeholders, customers, owners, manager and the team members are linked by the content involved in the project proposal (Luckey & Phillips, 2011). Certain elements or characters must be included in the project scope like:

    Deliverables: It includes the outcomes, the project will contribute to its customers and things included in the software packages, the most important being the compatibility of the software with the project designed (Luckey & Phillips, 2011).
    Assumptions: Assumptions for this project includes the compatibility of the order processing system and fast service with the installation of the software. As the project moves forward, the assumptions will be tested.
    Functions: The project scope will state the functions performed by the installed software.
    Technical Structure: Project scope will also include the structure or the flow of data and will also include the dependency of the software on other subsystems, like the internet and operating system it will be using.
    Influences: It will also include the entities or components that create an influence on the project.

    (See Figure)
    (See table)
    Cost Control
    Cost control technique is an important element of cost structuring. If the actual cost of the project exceeds the estimated cost, it is necessary to employ cost control methods to control cost. Otherwise, it would lead to the unnecessary wastage of resources. In order to control the project cost, it is necessary to first estimate the project cost. For this project, the initial cost was estimated as $700,000. Certain methods will be employed, like Kaizen method and Variance method to control the cost so as to ensure that the project cost does not exceed the estimated cost.
    Kaizen Method: Kaizen is a Japanese method of control cost and it is used to increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of services. The efficiency of the project will increase when the cost is reduced, and the quality of the project will increase. In this Project, where IT software will be installed in a cafeteria ordering system, steps will be taken to ensure that the cost of purchasing the software is not too high. Moreover, steps will be taken to ensure that the installation process is not too long because if it is then the cost of the project will also rise and would disrupt the whole cost estimation ( Titu, Oprean & Grecu, 2010).
    Variance Method Analysis: With the help of this cost control technique, any slight change in the magnitude of the cost with the estimated one is calculated. This method will measure the budgeted cost of the project with the actual cost and measure the magnitude of variations ...

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    The response addressed the query is posted in 2242 words with references.