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Project Management Identified and Development

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I am drafting a paper that will propose an organization challenge for manager to provide a solution.

Here is an overview of what I need help discussing the following for the paper: (that includes an executive summary, introduction, conclusion -with references of course)

o Identify an important managerial challenge that an organization is facing.

o Develop a plan that integrates project management, operations management, and information systems management to successfully meet this challenge and improve the organizational performance, in a succinct report.

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Executive Summary
This report depicts the significant managerial challenge confronted by Intel, which had made astonishing success in computer industry. In spite of significant success, in present company is facing a managerial challenge of variation in its customer demands that is due to the insecure market conditions. In addition to the discussion of managerial challenge faced by company, this paper illustrates a development of a plan that integrate project management, operations management and information system management to successfully meet the challenge faced by the company Intel along with a prominent improvement of organizational performance. This development of plan will render Intel a blue print to move further along with secure measures and assured success and innovation.

Managerial Challenge Confronted by Intel
In the modern era, e-business plays a major role in the economic process of world. It's all due to the speedy development of information technology. If we go through the recent research estimates, it shows that the value of e-business is increasing continuously in the world. Different research studies show that there are many e-businesses, which had made stunning success by adopting the changes in their environment. Intel Corporation is also one of them, which had made astonishing success in its e-business by making a proper assessment of its business environment from the time of its beginning in 1968.
Intel's most remarkable effect on the computer industry is concerned with its 1971 introduction of the 4004, the world's first microprocessor (About Intel, 2009). Like many of Intel's innovations, the microprocessor was a derivative of hard work to build up another technology. Intel had achieved the value of $1 billion in its e-business in July 1998. In the year of 2000, Intel's profits mounted to $10.5 billion and with this profit, the company became the fifth most profitable company in the United States.
In spite of all this success, company is confronting with a significant managerial challenge of "variation in its customer demands" as preferences of customers are changing all over the world from time to time and due to this challenge Intel is facing an environment of insecure market condition, which is full of many risk factors (Intel and Competition, 2009). The company is facing competitive pressure that involves pricing pressures from the companies that have gainsaying products, chip ...

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The solution examines project management identification and development.

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