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Project Management and Decision Making

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Project Management and Decision Making
Respond to the following in discussion:
- Who approves and reject changes to the scope of the project?
- Who approves and reject resources.
- Should the project manager have full authority to change control?
- What type of system should be in place to manage change request?
- Explain why you are choosing this technique.
- Integrate all stakeholders into the project team using a project charter that delineates responsibilities.
- Ensure that project goals support corporate strategies.
- Appraise cultural issues to avoid pitfalls and manage international projects successfully.

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Project management and decision making is examined.

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Authority to Accept or Reject Project
Project manager is responsible to approve and reject changes in project scope. Project manager is the person, who manages all the activities involved in project. He analyzes overall position of the project and on the basis of that decision related to changes has been taken. Project manager make optimum utilization of resources and focused towards achieving goals and objectives of project efficiently (Richman, 2002). It is analyzed that changes in the project scope means adding cost, long duration and greater risk. Therefore, Project manager believes that appropriate scope control is essential in order to deliver project in proper time and within defined budget.

Authority to Approve and Reject Resources
Executive managers are responsible to approve and reject the resources in the project. These managers allocate organization's resources to project according to the priorities of the work. These managers acquire the resources based on mission and objectives of the organization. These managers are focused towards reducing the wastage of resources, so that company can utilize these resources in some other projects. Efficient utilization of resources is helpful in cost reduction. Project managers acquire resources from the executive management through plans and documentation (Ireland, 2006). Executive manager ensures that assigned resources should be used within the scope of project. Thus, according to the scope of project, executive manager take decision regarding the approval and rejection of resources.
Project Manager Authority
Project Manager has full authority to control the changes in the project. It is identified that project manager is responsible for day to day operations and activities of project. He allocates resources among the project members according to their skills and knowledge. In ...

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