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    Decision Making Process (Programmed or non program decision)

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    Describe a situation in a company that requires a complex decision.

    List the decision-making steps in the example and chart them in a flow chart in Word.

    Was this a programmed or a non-programmed decision? Why?

    Which level of the organization led the decision-making process (top, mid-level or supervisory level)?

    What level of risk and conditions of uncertainty existed in the situation you describe?

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    1. The situation in the company is such that a new project for launching furniture through a web site is to be undertaken. The sponsor of the project is the company.

    2. Programmed decision: This is because the fixed steps in the company are predetermined and all decision makers know these. Unless, these decisions are taken, the sponsor will not approve the steps outlined in the flowchart the project.

    3. Middle level decision-making: please note that the top level is actually ...

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