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Organizational Management: Decision Making Conditions

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Could you please help me get started on paper based on this topic:

Based on the principles of organizational management techniques, describe and explain how the conditions, under which decisions are made, have changed for managers in the last 30 years. Are more decisions today likely to be programmed or non-programmed? Explain your answer with appropriate examples.

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This solution explains how the conditions in which decisions are made has changed over the last thirty years. Additionally, this solution includes two references for further research of the topic.

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The business environment today is vastly different than it was 30 years ago. Today, there is much more competition and customer awareness due to globalization. The market place has also become very complex with the rise of the internet and the change in technology. The basic customer base has also become much more educated, creating the need for better and improved products. In today's environment, managers are much more likely to ...

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