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Code of Conduct, Ethical Decision-Making & Adherence to Laws

- In reflecting on the limited international laws and regulations, briefly discuss some guidelines (principles and concepts) that you would have in your code of conduct (ethical/social responsibility policies).

- Describe the ethical decision-making framework. (What will shape your code?)

- In creating a code of conduct, what are some issues and concerns that you might have in ethical decision-making and adherence with US laws, global organizations, and governing bodies when working with a foreign business?

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Code of conduct for businesses is company policy statements that define its ethical standards and which every individual associated with the company has to adhere to. Some of the guidelines for code of conduct are:

Elimination of unethical business behavior: the business would in no situation engage in unethical behavior either inside the organization or outside the organization.

Terms and conditions of work: the business would maintain appropriate conditions of work and life as per rules and regulations of international standards for employees. It would promote equality of opportunity and treatment in employment, eliminating any discrimination based on ...

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This solution discusses code of conducts, ethical decision-making and adherence to laws within a new business.