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    Ethical Code of Conduct Plan

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    Over the past several weeks, you have been learning the various issues the ethical and legal challenges and factors involving your organization. Your task is to compose and submit an ethical code of conduct plan for your company that addresses the conduct of its employees, vendors, board of directors, key stakeholders, as well as its business operations in general.
    Your ethical code of conduct plan which will be incorporated into your company's international business expansion plan should include the different concepts and ideas that have been discussed over the past several weeks in this course. You are to submit a detailed plan covering your operations both nationally and internationally in addition to the conduct of its employees, vendors, board of directors, and its business operations overall. The following points need to be addressed in your ethical code of conduct plan:

    The legal regulations of conducting business overseas
    The ethical code of conduct for employees and vendors
    Guidelines for adherence to EEOC, ADA, and Civil Rights laws
    Distinguishing between right and wrong in business dealings and when an action is legal
    Identifying the issues surrounding the motivation behind unethical or illegal business operations when the consequences are properly documented
    The ethical responsibilities of companies in the marketplace if they are a monopoly or oligopoly.
    Anything else that you deem important to support your ethical code of conduct plan. The code of conduct plan should be structured so as to be easily navigable for employees; including headings for each section, a clear description of expected and required behavior, training requirements, method of reporting of unethical or illegal behavior, and consequences of unethical or illegal behavior.

    The deliverable length is 1,250-1,500 words
    Your ethical code of conduct plan should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas covered throughout the course.

    Part 2

    Letter to Employees

    As an appendix in the document, write a letter to employees from senior leaders explaining the importance of the implementation of a code of conduct, the company's vision, mission statement, and the importance of good ethical principles for the success of the firm.

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    Acme Corporation

    Ethical Code of Conduct Plan

    Examples and consequences are given for each of these.

    Table of Contents

    The Conduct of Our Employees
    The Conduct of Our Vendors
    The Conduct of Our Board of Directors
    The Conduct of Our Key Stakeholders
    Ethics in Our Business Operations in General
    Ethics in Our Company's International Business Expansion Plan
    Guidelines for adherence to EEOC, ADA, and Civil Rights laws
    Distinguishing between right and wrong in business dealings
    and when an action is legal


    1.) The Conduct of Our Employees

    We should conduct our business in accordance with all material applicable laws, rules and regulations.

    We should maintain the highest standards of ethical business conduct and integrity by:

    Being fair and honest in all business dealings, including our professional relationships;

    Properly maintaining all information and records, recognizing errors and, when an error is confirmed, promptly correcting it; and

    Cooperating fully with all internal and external audits and investigations initiated or sanctioned by the Company

    We must protect the confidentiality and privacy of confidential employee, customer, shareholder, proprietary and third-party information and records.

    We must make business decisions solely in the best interests of the Company without regard to personal gain. This means that we should use good judgment and endeavor to avoid even the appearance of any conflict between our individual interests and those of the Company

    Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Employees. (7/23/2013) Comerica.com

    1 B) Treatment of Our Employees

    To keep all written contracts and verbal (witnessed) promises that managers have the authority to make, or that the company has made to its employees, to the best of their ability.
    To treat all employees with human respect, even when they have to be reprimanded.
    To allow employees to have non-working scheduled breaks and to leave the premises when their paid time is over without reprisals.
    To provide opportunities for training and/or advancement (salary based and position based), especially for employees with seniority and with no complaints or reprimands on their record, and to review performance regularly with that in mind.
    To minimize the arbitrary firing of groups of employees, especially newcomers, for no reason.
    To approve plans or suppliers on merit and profit value, not on the basis of who supports them.
    To find ways to recruit, train and retain good quality management who will add value to their department.

    Based on
    Ethical Treatment of Employees. Hubpages.com

    Example scenario:

    Q. An employee in another manager's work group recently told you that a customer has made unwelcome sexual advances. She did not feel comfortable telling her male manager. You told her she needed to ...

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