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Ethical Conduct Implementation Plan

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Compose an ethical conduct implementation plan for a made up company, and a detailed plan covering the operations, both nationally and internationally, in addition to the conduct of its employees, vendors, and board of directors, as well as its business operations. This is an international business expansion plan.

The following points need to be addressed in the ethical conduct implementation plan:
- The legal regulations of conducting business overseas
- The ethical conduct code of employees and vendors
- Distinguishing between right and wrong in business dealings when the action is legal
- Identifying the issues surrounding the motivation behind unethical or illegal business operations when the consequences are properly documented

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Ethical Conduct Implementation Plan:

The company chosen for this assignment is a garment manufacturing firm based in the United States with manufacturing operations in Asian countries such as India and China as well as distribution/marketing divisions across the globe. The company has employees located in different countries as well as vendors in different international locations.

The ethical conduct implementation plan will be initiated by developing a comprehensive ethical code of conduct by the organization. The ethical code of conduct will be based on established ethical guidelines, industry standards and best practices pursued by leading firms in the industry as well as outside of the industry.

The first major area will be ethical conduct with respect to dealing with different stakeholders of the organization, such as customers, vendors and employees. The company will display highest standards in terms of honesty, sincerity and transparency in dealing with all the vendors of the organization. As the company has vendors in different countries across the world, it will strive hard to maintain consistency in terms of ethical conduct across the different countries and will not try to take undue advantage of vendors in remote locations. The company's payment terms, sourcing agreements, refund policies and other contractual terms with vendors will be consistent across borders and will adhere to the prescribed laws and regulations governing the contract between the company and the vendors. Further, the company will be ethical in terms of procurement from vendors and will not use vendors that ...

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