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Design a Final Implementation Plan

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-Introduction, background, problem, purpose, significance of the problem or concern, analysis, strategic plan, plan of action for implementing proposed solutions, and defending conclusion(s).

-Identify the project's legal and ethical ramifications of the solutions, cost estimates of the solutions, and a timeline associated with implementation of the plan. Identify any challenges the team may have to address in order to successfully implement the plan and maintain recommendations for future projects.

My goal is to construct a minimum of ten (10) pages.

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//Project management is required for successfully developing and implementing the project. In the present scenario, the construction project has gained due importance due to the developing of the infrastructure of the economy. In the following context, an implementation plan has been developed for the highway construction project.//


Construction projects are mainly aimed at developing the infrastructure of the country, and it contributes heavily towards the development of an economy. An economy with an outstanding infrastructure is bound to increase the productivity of a nation; therefore, the construction industry plays a major role in building that infrastructure in a cost effective and innovative manner (Loosmore, 2003). However, the construction projects also have to deal with certain difficulties and problems such as safety and environmental issues, which are mentioned in the following context, along with providing a solution for it. Further, the purpose of the construction project has been evaluated, along with developing strategic plans for an effective implementation of a construction project. While the construction project is in process, it has to deal with certain legal and ethical issues, which are addressed in the plan developed. Furthermore, the team members have to face certain challenges, which are included in the plan along with the recommended solution. Finally, the cost incurred for managing the project and the timeline has been discussed along with providing a conclusion for the proposed plan.


The implementation plan deals with the construction of a highway project. The problem of traffic congestion would be solved with the implementation of this highway plan. The main objective of constructing a highway project is to reduce the rate of accident and to save the time and energy of the people of the area. While the project will be completed, the economic condition of the country would also improve as the transportation and movement of the vehicle would take place at a faster pace.

//This section will provide a detailed description of the problems faced in implementing the project plan. It is essential to have adequate information about the project plan to understand the project's successfulness and unsuccessfulness and to effectively understand the problems of the proposed project plan.//

Challenges Faced in Implementing the Project

From the inception stage, project planning should be done effectively in order to implement the proposed project plan in an effective manner. In this context, the prime purpose of implementing a highway project is to reduce congestion of traffic in the US, which led to the increase in the accidents. For a project to be implemented, there are potential challenges that are confronted by the entire project team. In this context, various challenges are confronted by the construction industry in implementing a highway project. While, implementing the infrastructure project, several loopholes are identified due to uncertain technical and financial challenges and the lack of available resources.

While initiating this project plan, massive complications in design and construction were identified. In addition to this, one of the most common problems that is confronted while implementing the highway project is inadequate funding, wherein the cost of raw materials has risen to a phenomenal extent. Due to massive fluctuations in the price of raw materials, the proposed cost budget for the project has been greatly impacted.

This project is aimed to reduce the traffic congestion in the US, which will also eventually improve the mobility to other locations. In the current era, the construction industry is operating in a highly dynamic environment, which will have a significant impact on the cost aspect of the project. Moreover, the proposed project plan was also encountered by design flaws, leaks, cost overruns, use of low-quality products, and lack of technical assistance.
All the aforementioned problems greatly hampered the implementation of the project plan. For this reason, the project team had to apply their technical skills and competency by carefully analyzing the external factors of the particular industry segment.

//Construction of a highway project is undertaken with certain purposes like reduction in traffic congestion or increase in the economic development of the country, which has been discussed in the following segment. Furthermore, the significance of the problem has also been addressed as that related to raw material and designing flaws of the project.//


The purpose of the highway construction project is to reduce the rate of the accidents occurring in the city. Furthermore, another purpose behind highway project is to reduce the problem of traffic congestion in the city. The highway project would also connect the city with other major destinations. It would also add to the economic development of the country as the economic activity through roads would be faster. The project would also bridge a gap between the effective ...

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