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    Evaluation Plan Development

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    Evaluation can be used to improve the quality of a program or to determine the program's effectiveness. Program planners can gain an idea of where the problems are or what changes and improvements are most needed. Planners can choose from a variety of evaluation approaches and designs.
    1. If the Tobacco prevention and cessation program has an impact, outcome, or summative evaluation plan, describe it. Identify whether the design is nonexperimental, experimental, or quasi-experimental. Be sure to include a definition of the design in your response. Explain whether you think this design is appropriate.
    2. If Tobacco prevention and cessation program does not have an evaluation plan, describe the design you think is most appropriate to use, and indicate whether it would be nonexperimental, experimental, or quasi-experimental. Justify your proposed design.
    3. For the actual or proposed design, discuss whether you think it should be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board before being administered to clients or the general public, and explain why you think so.

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    The tobacco prevention and cessation program has an outcome evaluation plan, that has the distinct purpose of detailing the specific outcomes that the program has produced, in reference to the reduction in the use of tobacco products by all age groups within society. This outcome evaluation plan includes a methodology by which to statistically ascertain the percentage change in the number of individuals that have used tobacco products before the implementation of the program, as well as after the implementation of the tobacco prevention and cessation program. This analysis will be conducted in order to ascertain whether or not the program has had an appreciable effect on reducing the number of ...